Organization Design and Transformation Workshop


4th – 6th May 2020

3-day course 

Maximum 16 participants


Supercharge Your Organization’s Effectiveness

Building organizational excellence is one of the top 3 priorities of senior executives worldwide.* This includes designing an organization that leverages your strategic goals and utilizes the key skills of your people. A truly effective organization eliminates bottlenecks and helps you to attract and retain the best talent going forward.

The purpose of this program is to provide participants who are facing execution challenges with tools, context and confidence in assessing an organization’s health and making the necessary changes. You will learn to formulate actionable strategies, define lines of authority and decision rights, identify the key skills and capabilities required, and ensure that reward and measurement systems drive the right behaviors.

This is not about designing an innovative product or a service, rather it is about designing an innovative organization, which can respond effectively to environmental challenges with agility and sustainability.

* Gartner 2019 Future of HR Survey and Conference Board C-Suite Challenge 201


This highly interactive workshop will provide you with an overall understanding of strategy and organization design. You will see how strategy development underpins the effective use of structure, processes, people, and rewards to craft an effective and efficient organization. The workshop will be a mix of tools, case studies and sharing real issues with participants. It will provide participants with a concrete plan on how to assess, adapt or transform their company or department for optimum results.

In short, the workshop will:

  • Introduce you to organization design concepts and how they can be used to build organizational capability
  • Present methods and tools to hone your strategy and align the organization with your business goals
  • Provide opportunities for you to practice applying the methodology to your own work

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how strategy drives organization design choices
  • Apply the Star Model™ framework to analyze and diagnose organizational challenges
  • Learn how to hone your organization for Customer responsiveness, Organizational agility, Rapidly changing competitive environments, Innovation, Data analytics, Matrix management, Optimized performance, Lean execution.
  • Use organizational levers to impact behavior and change culture
  • Gain insights from the experiences of others, and in particular, how one business manager transformed a large manufacturing organization in a multinational company

Instructor: Sasha Galbraith

Dr. Sasha Galbraith is a partner at Jay Galbraith Management Consultants, an international consulting firm specializing in solving strategy and organizational design challenges across corporate, business unit, and international levels. During her more than two decades working alongside Jay Galbraith, the world- renowned expert on organization design and creator of the Star Model™, Sasha Galbraith helped numerous multi-national companies hone their organizations to better compete locally and internationally.

Past projects include a global matrix redesign for a multi-national retailer; organization redesigns for chemical, education and entertainment firms; an assignment with British Airways regarding women pilots in management; a diversity study for Hewlett-Packard; and a case study of BAA’s successful efforts to promote women. She offers customized programs for train-the-trainer workshops.

Sasha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley in Genetics, an EMBA from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. in Economic Sciences from HEC at the University of Lausanne.

Instructor: Yves Karcher

Yves Karcher received his Master of Sciences of Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France (INPG) and an EMBA from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland. He joined Hewlett Packard, Grenoble as Hardware Engineer then moved to AGIE, Switzerland, as Software Engineer creating a disruptive type of Electro Erosion Machine tool. He joined Logitech in 1989 and held various leadership roles.

In 1999, Yves Karcher lead Logitech Engineering as director for mice and trackballs and later as Vice-President for all Consumer Computing products (400 engineers, globally distributed). Experimenting with innovation, new technologies and customer insights methods, he partnered closely with General Managers and his marketing counterparts to define the strategy, the roadmap and the global execution plan that delivered double digit category growth for mature categories and that successfully introduced new categories such as keyboards for iPad.

End of 2014 he retired from the corporate world to give back his experience to students and companies, through his company InnoExec. (bridging the gap between Innovation and Execution).


CHF 2’500 per participant
10% discount for EPFL Alumni Contributors


A certificate of completion will be delivered by the Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL at the end of the course

Target Audience

  • Business unit managers, line leaders, function managers who either face inefficiencies in their organizations or who have to implement new strategic directions.
  • CEOs of SME companies who are facing changes in the business or new board directions
  • Human Resources business partners who are expected to provide strategic and organizational guidance to their business leaders
  • Organization development practitioners
  • Start up teams facing new markets / rapid growth.


Registration deadline: 22 April 2020


FCUE, Innovation Park,
building E
1015 Lausanne